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TOGAF 9 Certification now available

TOGAF 9 certification is now available running in parallel with TOGAF Version 8 certification, which continues unchanged. To visit the TOGAF 9 certification site click on the logo.

TOGAF Certification for IT Architects

If you are an individual, your choices are to become certified in one of two ways:

  1. Satisfactory completion of a qualifying training course
  2. Taking the examination

Learn how to become TOGAF Certified as an Individual.
Find out how to Renew your existing certification as an Individual.
Upgrade from TOGAF 8 Certified to TOGAF 9 Certified

TOGAF Certification for Organizations
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TOGAF Training TOGAF Professional Services TOGAF Tool Support

TOGAF Certified

When you are certified, your certificate can be obtained from your entry on the register.

You are also entitled to use the TOGAF Certified logo. Typical uses could be on your business card, email signature or in presentations.
If you want to obtain the logos, using your Open Group login username go to to the Logos area where you can accept the logo usage agreement and download the logos.

  • If you do not have an existing Open Group username you can obtain one by registering for a username (whether or not you are a member of The Open Group).
  • If you have a username but have forgotten your password go to "Send forgotten password", enter your username, typically initial.surname, and the system will email you your password.
  • Finally, you may report a technical problem with the site (including login and email problems, membership list problems, and broken links)

More information on the TOGAF Certification program...

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