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TOGAF is a registered trademark of The Open Group in the United States and other countries

Getting Started with Accreditation of TOGAF 9 Training Courses

If you are an organization that wants to provide an Accredited TOGAF 9 Training Course, you need to take the following steps:

  1. Read the Certification and Accreditation Policies, Conformance Requirements and Accreditation Requirements, the Accreditation Agreement and the Accreditation TMLA.
    These documents are all available using the links in the navigation bar on the left of this screen.
  2. Ensure you have a valid TOGAF 9.1 commercial license.
  3. Download, print, sign and return the Accreditation Agreement and the Accreditation TMLA.
  4. You then need to obtain a web account for your organization.

    Register your organization and its contacts

  5. You need to prepare an Accreditation Package for each Training Course you wish to have accredited.

    The Accreditation Package comprises a Conformance Statement Questionnaire (CSQ), an Accreditation Checklist, Trainer Credentials and Course Documentation, which are uploaded to your web account. A template for the Accreditation Checklist must be downloaded using the link in the navigation bar on the left.

  6. When you are done, register the course(s) in your web account (created at step 3) and pay the accreditation fees.
  7. Next you must submit the Accreditation Package by completing the CSQ, uploading the Accreditation Checklist, and uploading your Trainer Credentials and Course Documentation as supporting documents.
  8. The Certification Authority will carry out an audit of the Accreditation Package and you will be informed of the result.
  9. Once accredited, you can then train batches of students, who can then take the examination.

Remember that accreditation may, at your choice, take place in two steps, or you may perform both steps at once:

  • Step 1: submit material about the course (includes the course materials for audit) and how it's delivered - success leads to Provisional Accreditation
  • Step 2: submit material (and updated checklist) about how your organization meets the quality system criteria

Step 2 must be complete within 6 months after Provisional Accreditation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Preparing for Accreditation

Q. Where do we need to go to sign up for Accreditation?

A. The web site for TOGAF 9 certification and accreditation is at https://www.opengroup.org/togaf9/cert/

Various resources including step-by-step guides are included in the left hand navigation bar.

Q. How long does accreditation take?

A. This depends on the Quality of the application, how quickly you respond to any issues raised by the assessor, the time taken for the assessment, and processing of the application by the Certification Authority.

Presuming my application is satisfactory first time, how quickly might my course take to be accredited?

There are contractual obligations on the Certification Authority with respect to the time taken for assessment and Provisional accreditation. These are defined in sections 2.1.2 to 2.1.4 of the TOGAF9 Certification for People Training Course Accreditation Agreement.

The minimum guaranteed time from the Submission of an application Package to provisional accreditation of Training Course, is 26 Business days, or roughly a Calendar month. In the event that there are issues with the application this will extend the timeframe.

What if we need accreditation in less than a month?

In practice the Certification Authority aims to better the guaranteed response times, and to compress them to the extent that is practical. The degree to which this is possible depends on several factors including how many applications are in the pipeline and the current availability of staff. If factors are favorable, it has been possible to process an application that is of sufficient quality in ten business days. If requested to expedite the assessment and accreditation process the Certification Authority will endeavor to achieve a compressed timeframe of ten business days but cannot guarantee to do so. Again if there are issues with the application then the timeframe will be affected by how quickly that you can respond and rework you application as necessary.

Q. What do we need to submit for Accreditation?

A. You need to prepare an Accreditation Package for each Training Course you wish to have accredited.

The Accreditation Package comprises a Conformance Statement Questionnaire (CSQ) [completed online], an Accreditation Checklist, Trainer Credentials and Course Documentation, which are uploaded to your web account. A template for the Accreditation Checklist must be downloaded using the link in the navigation bar of the web certification system.

Q. What should the Course Documentation consist of?

A. The course documentation should demonstrate that the course meets the learning outcomes as documented in the Checklist. This is usually the course slides (handout format is suitable).

Q. What format should the Course Documentation be in?

A. The Course Documentation should be submitted in pdf. Please ensure that the structure or filenames/module names, if applicable, correspond to those referenced in the Checklist where the learning outcomes are mapped to the materials. If submitting a large number of files please upload a zip file.

Q. What format should other supplementary information be supplied in?

A. Either pdf or html format.

Q. I licensed the training materials from The Open Group and have not changed them. Do I still need to submit documentation?

Yes, accreditation is independent of the source of the materials.

After Accreditation is achieved

Please note that your organization must be notified and appear on the Accreditation Register prior to use of the logo and claims of being accredited.

Q. Where can I obtain the accreditation logo artwork?

A. Once your organization has an accredited training course, the logos in jpeg and eps format can be obtained in your corporate account within the web certification system

Q. Where is the style guide/usage guide for the accreditation logos?

A. This is in schedule 3 of the Accreditation TMLA. This available in the left navigation bar of the web certification system.

Q. How can I obtain exam vouchers?

A. Once your organization has an accredited training course, you can request exam vouchers in your corporate account within the web certification system. Payment must be made before orders for vouchers will be fulfilled.

Read More (pdf)

Q. How do vouchers work?

There are two forms of vouchers, those for use with the Internet Based Test (IBT)System, and another for Prometric test centers. They are not interchangeable. They are used as a form of payment to take the examination. For IBT usage they need to be input when commencing a test. When booking a test session at a Prometric test center, they need to be input at the booking stage prior to attending a center.

Q. How much do exam vouchers cost?

A. The fee schedule is available in the left hand navigation bar of the web certification system. Discounts are available to Accredited TOGAF Training providers please contact the Certification Authority for more details.

Q. How long are exam vouchers valid for?

A. Exam vouchers are generally valid for up to 12 months from the commencement date you specify when ordering.

Q. How do we access The Open Group Internet Based Testing system to offer exams?

A. See the Exam Supervision Guidelines for information on Proctor registration within the IBT system. In addition, you will need exam keycodes to access the examinations. Exam keycodes are used in conjunction with voucher codes to commence an examination.

Exam keys be will issued to accredited organizations with the first voucher code order.

Certification of Candidates

How are Candidates notified of their Certification and where do they get their certificates?

All candidates receive an email notification within 6 working days of exam results being posted that asks them to sign in and accept the trademark license agreement and retrieve their certificate.

Once they have done that, they are able to adjust the visibility of their entry on the Directory of Certified People. If they are visible, they are listed under the TOGAF 9 directory at: https://www.opengroup.org/togaf9/cert/register.html

Use of the Internet Based Testing (IBT) Channel

Access to The Open Group's Internet Based Testing channel is available to Accredited Training Course Providers

Q. How do I get access as a trainer?

See the Exam Supervision Guidelines for details of setting Proctors, and administering the examination.

Q. When I register what is the Prometric ID?

You can ignore this field and leave it blank.

Why are there only practice exam tests when my candidates select "take test"?

This is since the live tests require a proctor to oversee their use. The proctor has a special code known as a "keycode" to gain access to the tests.

Q. What is a keycode?

Public tests are available to anyone accessing the testing site. Only Practice tests have been set as public. The TOGAF 9 examinations are private tests that are not visible in the available test list. Accredited trainers are provided with a set of keycodes to access the exams by choosing "Take Test", and then entering that keycode in the "Private Tests" box.

Q. Why do some tests say that results are withheld and I should contact the Sponsor?

These are for tests where gradient scoring is in effect. These require offline scoring within IBT. Note that the message to contact the sponsor is fixed in the system, and not necessary. The Open Group will contact all candidates within six working days with the pass/fail result of the test. The Open Group will also send pass/fail results periodically to each Accredited training course provider.

Use of the Prometric Test Centers

Q. How do my candidates book with Prometric?

They need to visit www.prometric.com/OpenGroup/. When booking their examination they should enter their voucher code for payment.




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