TOGAF - The Open Group Architectural Framework. The key to TOGAF is a reliable, proven method - the TOGAF Architecture Development Method (ADM) - for developing an IT architecture that meets the needs of your business.
It is a flexible set of methods, processes, reference models, standards, techniques and tools for developing a broad range of different IT architectures. TOGAF enables IT organizations to design, evaluate, and build the right architecture for their enterprise, and reduces the costs of planning, designing, and implementing architectures based on open systems solutions.

TOGAF has evolved through two recent enhancements into TOGAF 8.1.1 and the recently released TOGAF 9.0.

The Open Group has pledged to support both TOGAF 8.1.1 and TOGAF 9.0 and TONEX will continue to provide quality training for both of these latest revisions.

TONEX now provides the following Open Group Certified Courses:



 TOGAF 9 Foundation


 TOGAF 9 Certified


 TOGAF 8—9 Bridge


All courses include certification, testing or vouchers for testing!


The Open Group Certification Mark logo and TOGAF are registered trademarks, and The Open Group is a registered trademark of The Open Group in the United States and other countries.

The TOGAF 9.0 courses above are Accredited TOGAF 9 Training Course and complies with the accreditation requirements for The Open Group TOGAF Certification for People program.

TOGAFTM Certification & Preparation Courses

8.1.1 Certification, 9.0 L1 & L2 and Bridge










 Storage Networking





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