Distributed UDEF Architecture : Applying Satellite Data Element Formats


The distributed architecture of UDEF defined by this white paper enables the expansion of UDEF across a wide range of knowledge domains. Initially there is no limitation or preset direction for developing additional object and property trees for specific knowledge domains. Work is going on to develop satellite trees for a number of knowledge domains that have been identified. These knowledge domains may overlap and may be encompassing more specialized knowledge domains.

 Here is a preliminary and tentative list of potential SDEVs (in random order):

  • Aerospace. This knowledge domain includes civil and military aviation, air transport, aviation industry and astrophysics. Some initial tentative ideas about an SDEV for the Aerospace domain are available.
  • Medical. This knowledge domain will include both medical industry and proper healthcare, include veterinary health care, and including pharmacology and life sciences. Some initial tentative ideas about an SDEV for the Medical domain are available.
  • Energy and Utilities, including nuclear industry and power conversion.
  • Telecom, Internet and Media, including broadcasting, publishing and entertainment industry.
  • Oil and Mining. This knowledge domain includes gas, offshore drilling, chemical and heavy industry.
  • Information Technology and Management. This knowledge domain covers all aspects of information technology, including hardware, firmware and software development, testing, architecture, business analysis, modelling, including all related methods and tools.
  • Finance. This knowledge domain includes banking (both private banking and investment banking), insurance, monetary services and global economics.
  • Manufacturing (including fashion) and high-tech industry (may overlap with aerospace and automotive).
  • Automotive, travel and transport (including parts industry). Includes railway and public transportation (may overlap with aerospace).
  • Education, science and literature (including mathematics, physics, arts and religion).
  • Meteorology (atmosphere, weather, climate, geology (seismology, volcanology, partly covered by Oil & Mining).
  • Local government, housing, geographical planning, surface waters.
  • Retail, logistics and distribution (including postal services).
  • Tax, social security, customs.
  • Legal, police, civil security.
  • Agriculture, (marine) biology.
  • Engineering and construction. Both road and building construction, and traffic safety.
  • Nautical (both commercial and military).

The granularity of the domains is undefined. Any organization that has a position in the global community for a knowledge domain may qualify as a registrar for a set of Satellite trees describing the data used in that knowledge domain. The competence of such organization will determine the scope of knowledge domain, and therefore the scope of any SDEV the maintenance of which can be delegated to that organization.