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IT4IT™ Members Guidance Committee Meeting

Tuesday April 18, 9:00am – 12:30pm


  1. Satya Misra, HCLTech (Co-Chair)
  2. Etienne Terpstra-Hollander, OpenText (Vice Chair)
  3. Lars Rossen, OpenText
  4. Maarten Keverkamp, OpenText
  5. Michelle Supper, ServiceNow
  6. Andreas Hartmann, Leipzig University of Applied Sciences
  7. Dan Warfield, CC & C Solutions
  8. Don Brancato, Boeing
  9. Eric Choi, NASA SEWP
  10. Michelle Horrobin, The Open Group (Forum Director)
  11. Corinne Brouch, The Open Group
  12. Tamsin Johnson, The Open Group
  13. Chris Franklin, The Open Group


  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. IT4IT™ Reference Cards V3.0

View the Reference Cards working document HERE

Discussion Points

Welcome and Introduction

Michelle Horrobin, Digital Portfolio Forum Director, opened the meeting and welcomed the attendees. The purpose of the meeting was to finalize the content of the IT4IT™ Reference Cards V3.0, so that the document could be finalized ready for Company Review.

Reference Cards

The amendments were actioned to the actual document during the meeting and the final version can be found in the link above.


The pages were reordered, slide content checked in detail, significant amendments were made, some slides removed, and the final version was agreed by consensus in the meeting.

There was a detailed discussion on accessibility and color blindness. It was agreed that this could not be solved at this meeting for the current presentation, but that this would be raised as an item for discussion with the Governing Board.

Action Items

2023-04-18 001: Satya Misra and other contributing Members to complete a second pass review on the value stream sections of the Reference Cards (first review already completed by Andreas Hartmann).

2023-04-18 002: Lars Rossen to raise the issue of document accessibility and color blindness for discussion with the Governing Board.

Meeting Closed