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Accredited Certification Program FAQs

Q: Why is it beneficial to have a Certification Program Accredited by The Open Group?

A: The Open Group Professional Certification Program (the Program) is designed to validate the existence of those qualities and skills in a professional that enable the effective development, implementation, and operation of Business or IT-related specializations. The Program is skills and experience-based and goes beyond validating the mastery of any specific knowledge base.

Q: Which professions are currently covered by the Accreditation Program?

A: Currently, the Program covers the following Professions: 

Q: Does your organization wish to have a Cerification Program Accredited by The Open Group?

A: We recommend to read the First Accredited Certification Program page and contact us.

Q: Our Organization already has Certified staff; will they be certified by The Open Group?

A: At the time of accreditation, an Organization may already have a number of employees who have been evaluated by the Organization’s previous processes as having met the Conformance Requirements of the Program. Newly Accredited Certification Programs are permitted to certify such employees or long-term contractors in the Program without conducting any additional Peer Review Board evaluations. For more information please consult the Accreditation Policy.