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An Agile Business-Led Approach for the Digital Age

Outcome-Based, Product-Centric, Team-Led

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Open Agile Architecture takes an outcome-based, customer-focused, and product-centered approach to guide business and technology leaders through this transformation.

Product-centricity refers to the shift from temporary organizational structures – projects – to permanent ones. A product-centric organization is composed of cross-functional teams which are responsible for developing products or services and operating or running them, with each member bringing expertise from their own domain:

  • Executives are looking for innovative business models that generate profitable revenue growth
  • Technology Leaders bring flexible and adaptive new software technologies and has popularized new Agile ways of working
  • Operation Teams are leveraging capabilities provided by lean, automation, and software platforms to improve operational excellence
  • Product Managers bring customer focus to the table along with new disciplines such as design thinking
  • Compliance Officers need to ensure that privacy and security regulations remain applied throughout the organization

It also provides a framework and common language for your teams to function effectively to develop and deliver a collaborative, nimble operating model that enables success.

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