Amsterdam 2017: Proceedings - Digital Practitioners

Digital Practitioners Work Group

The Digital Practitioners Work Group held it inaugural face-to-face meeting on Wednesday, October 25, 2017. The meeting was attended by 20 people.

Objective of Meeting

The principal objectives of this meeting were to:

  • Present a report on objectives and progress to date, particularly for members who had not previously been involved
  • Begin initial development of a roadmap of deliverables
  • Introduce how we will develop the brand and identity for the Work Group


Group discussions focused on the creation of a roadmap, considering such issues as:

  • How do we define market segments?
  • How do we define the characteristics of a digital professional?

A key insight, which was also reinforced by the plenary presentations, was that Digital Transformation is neither IT- or Business-led, but instead is a reaction of a fundamental shift in markets toward individualized experiences – in essence, Digital Transformation is customer-led.

Loren Baynes presented plans for developing brand identity and value messages that will flow into marketing materials, website, etc.

Mats Gejnevall gave a brief overview of ongoing work in the Architecture Forum to provide guidance in the TOGAF® context on Digital Transformation for application architecture.


Detailed meeting minutes are available to Open Group members here.

Next Steps

The group will continue its current operational tempo of virtual meetings every two weeks, and will plan a two-day session at the San Diego event.


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