Amsterdam 2017: Proceedings - Healthcare

Healthcare Forum

Tuesday, October 24

Objective of Meeting

The objectives of the meeting were to:

  • Continue discussion of HERA and the Framework
  • Explore the relationship of the “Digital Destination” (evolution) Plenary presentation by the Forum-invited Platinum Member to the HERA and Framework


Participants contributed a detailed discussion of the Plenary presentation on Destination Digital as specifically related to the healthcare enterprise. Methods – including value mapping, 5D chart creation, T-Map development – were discussed in detail. This was then compared with the “second-level” of abstraction Framework respresentations. The Framework developed for the event was rejected in favor of an earlier Framework (for the first two wheels of the HERA).


The following summary was provided by a participant in the meeting:

  1. It was great to see that an approach done outside the Forum (as represented by the Plenary speaker’s work) was congruent and easily “mapped” to the approach being done within the Forum, validating that the work done by the current Healthcare Forum group is sensible when compared with other brilliant practitioners.
  2. There are benefits to be gained by collaborating between these groups; detail in one augments missing details in the other. (What I realized afterward was that what the Forum is working on is more general than making a given healthcare transformation digital-focused. The Healthcare Forum isn’t that specific! What the digital destination work can get from the Healthcare Forum is detail on the standards that make the work do-able. What the Healthcare Forum can get from the digital destination work is reference architecture details for digital transformation in Healthcare.)
  3. The focused direct user of the Healthcare Forum work is the Healthcare Enterprise Architect, or an Architect working within a given Healthcare Domain. The value provided to them is a proven starting point reference architecture that they can use to create a specific organizational architecture for a given Healthcare scope – done quicker, with higher quality, and ultimately providing better outcomes!!! Awesome now we know the real users, the real target market, a bit of the value proposition … so we can communicate to the real target market.
  4. The key benefactor of the Healthcare Forum work is the “person”, be they patient, potential patient, practitioner, researcher, … anyone who receives benefits by the adoption/adaptation of the HERA that guides the implementation of an organization-specific healthcare architecture. Again this gives marketing an idea of the general audience for messaging.

Next Steps

Focusing on items 3 and 4 above, the Forum will need to further discuss whether the “focused direct user” is the same as “real users” and the “real target market” and if not, the implications for production. For example, in the next note “key benefactors” are discussed in terms of the “general audience” and the implications of this for “messaging”.


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