Amsterdam 2017: Proceedings - Open Platform 3.0

Open Platform 3.0™ Forum

Objective of Meeting

The aim of the meeting was to discuss the Internet of Things, semantics, cybersecurity, executable standards, and business reference models for Open Platform 3.0. It included a meeting of the bIoTope Advisory Board and a joint meeting with members of the Open Process Automation™ Forum.


The first session incorporated a meeting of the bIoTope Advisory Board. The bIoTope project is one of several projects that comprise the IoT European Platform Initiative (IoT-EPI) under the European Union's Horizon 2020 Programme. The advisory board is a group of Open Platform 3.0 Forum members that advise the project. The meeting reviewed a presentation on project progress, and gave feedback.

The bIoTope project is exploring practical deployment scenarios for the Open Messaging Interface (O-MI) and Open Data Format (O-DF) Open Group Internet of Things standards. The Open Group will produce new versions of these standards in the light of deployment experience, and the meeting considered specific proposals for this.

The O-DEF™ (Open Data Element Framework) is an Open Group standard that enables basic units of data to be classified, so that equivalences and similarities between them can be determined easily. The meeting considered its use for semantic annotation of O-DF records.

The meeting also discussed the general question of semantic interoperability in wider business ecosystems. The open source software being developed by the Apache Atlas project could be a valuable resource for supporting such interoperability.

The meeting then considered architectures for processing device information in the Internet of Things. These architectures must address real-time requirements and network bandwidth constraints.

A joint session with the Open Process Automation Forum considered the relationship and possible synergies between the two Open Group Forums. The Open Process Automation Forum has a very specific focus: the development of a standards-based, open, secure, interoperable process control architecture. The Open Platform 3.0 Forum by contrast has a very broad scope: to help enterprises gain business benefit from digital technologies.

The meeting then discussed cybersecurity and Open Platform 3.0, with particular reference to security in the Internet of Things. It agreed that the output of the Jericho Forum® is generally relevant to Open Platform 3.0, and that the Forum should look at how the Jericho Forum® Commandments and Identity Commandments could be implemented in its areas, starting with the Internet of Things.

The concept of executable standards relates to the use of software that implements or supports standards. An initial executable standards package had been produced to explain the value of O-DF and O-DEF. The meeting discussed further developments in this area.

The final topic discussed by the meeting was Business Reference Models for Open Platform 3.0. The value of a business reference model for the Open Platform 3.0 Forum is to give a common understanding of the context within which technology standards are developed. The starting point should be real business scenarios. The Forum should then derive a set of concepts that define the language in which technically-oriented standards are written.


The detailed minutes available to members, and this summary, are the outputs of the meeting.

Next Steps

The Forum will work further on the topics discussed, and will meet again at The Open Group event in San Diego, in January/February 2018.


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