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Optimizing the Modeling Language for Enterprise Architecture

The Open Group ArchiMate® Forum enables member organizations to contribute to the convergence needed to reach the next level of professional development in the field of Enterprise Architecture. The ArchiMate Forum is open to all organizations that apply enterprise architecture in practice, or support its use and development.

► The latest version of the standard is the ArchiMate 3.1 Specification. Read The Open Group blog describing what's new.

► Listen to Marc Lankhorst  of BiZZdesign talk about ArchiMate 3

Members actively support the use and dissemination, and lead the development of, the ArchiMate specification. Joining The Open Group ArchiMate Forum enables you to have early access to relevant knowledge and best practices, network with a world-class community of experts and peers, and grow professionally. Forum members:

  • Exchange best practices about the usage of ArchiMate concepts and viewpoints
  • Disseminate best practices within the ArchiMate community
  • Propose improvements on the ArchiMate language
  • Propose improvements and extensions on ArchiMate viewpoints, a new viewpoints mechanism has been defined in the new version
  • Propose useful functionality for tools supporting ArchiMate
  • Maintain and evolve the ArchiMate Certification Program
  • Maintain and evolve the ArchiMate Exchange File Format

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