[¤1] Taxonomy - OO Provision of Services   

[¤2] Object-Oriented Provision of Services

[¤3] This subsection shows how services are provided in an object-oriented manner. 'Object Services' does not appear as a category in the Technical Reference Model since all the individual object services are incorporated as appropriate in the given service categories.

[¤4] An object is an identifiable, encapsulated entity that provides one or more services that can be requested by a client. Clients request a service by invoking the appropriate method associated with the object, and the object carries out the service on the client's behalf. Objects provide a programming paradigm that can lead to important benefits, including:

[¤8] Object management services provide ways of creating, locating and naming objects, and allowing them to communicate in a distributed environment. The complete set of object services identified so far is listed below for the sake of completeness. Where a particular object service is part of a more generally applicable service category, a pointer to the other service category is given. Object services include:

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