[¤1] Background   

[¤2] Background to the example

[¤3] In this example, a fictional company called XYZ Manufacturing has decided to improve the efficiency of its mobile sales force by replacing paper-based configuration and ordering systems with an IT solution.

[¤4] The XYZ team have already done the preliminary stages of describing their existing system and reviewing it from a number of different viewpoints, and as a result have established a number of goals and objectives for the new system.

[¤5] The principal goal is to give the sales force in the field direct access to the sales process back at base. This will allow sales staff to create and verify the product configuration, to check the price and availability of the goods and to place the order while actually with the customer.

[¤6] Other stages of the sales process such as initiating the sale and determining the customer requirements are considered to be outside the scope of this example.


[¤8] The Business Process level.

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