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The Open Group Architecture Forum Meetings London 2011

Meeting Planner

Mon May 9	

2pm-3:30pm	TOGAF Maintenance WG meeting @London
4pm-5:30pm	CSC Meeting @ London

Tue May 10	 	

8:30am-9:30am	Free Meeting Slot
8:30am-10:30am	TOGAF Next Planning @ London
9:30am-10:30am	Value Realization WG @ London
11am-12:30pm	TOGAF TC Ecosystem Planning Meeting @ London

12:30pm-2pm	Forum Officers Liaison meeting: 
		Architecture/ArchiMate/Business forums 

2pm-3:30pm	TOGAF/ArchiMate ACF WG @ London
4pm-5:30pm	CSC Meeting @ London

Wed May 11	 	

8:30am-9:30am	LSC Meeting @London
9am-12:30pm	TOGAF-SABSA Integration: members meeting
9:30am-10:30am	TOGAF for SMEs WG meeting @London - London
11am-12:30pm	TOGAF-BIAN Collaboration WG @London

2pm-5:30pm	TOGAF-SABSA Integration: members meeting (Cont'd)
2:00pm-3:00	Interoperability WG @ London
3:00pm-5:30pm	Information Architecture WG @ London

Thu May 12	 	

8:30am-5pm	Architecture Forum Face to Face Meeting @ London

The Architecture Forum Meeting Thursday May 12 2011

There will be a brief tutorial prior to the meeting at 08:30 -- 08:50 introducing the forum's online facilities.


Meeting Materials (all presenters to upload to this area)

08:30 -- 08:50 20 minute tutorial introducing the forum's online facilities
All work group leaders are expected. The session is open to everyone.


0900 -- 0905 Agenda
0905 -- 0930 Welcome, new members & introduction
0930 -- 1000 Actioning Forum Strategy: Update
1000 -- 1030 TOGAF Key Concepts Workshop
                        Review of key concepts for starting point with TOGAF-next
            Facilitated, Dave Hornford, Conexiam

1030 -- 1100 Break

1100 -- 1230 TOGAF Key Concepts Workshop
                        Review of key concepts for starting point with TOGAF-next
            Facilitated, Dave Hornford, Conexiam

1230 -- 1400 Lunch

1400 -- 1530 Archimate & Architecture Forum
                        Joint Meeting
1530 -- 1600 Break

1600--1630 TOGAF Technical Corrigendum Ecosystem Update
            Garry Doherty
1630 -- 1700 Close & action items

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