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Welcome to the Open Group Portal to the World of IT Architecture!

This site is designed to help organizations find their way around the subject of IT Architecture. It covers the work of both The Open Group and other key organizations in the field of IT Architecture. It provides links to resources, people, organizations, books and materials.

Would you like to have access to a proven, industry standard method of doing IT Architecture? You already can:

Are you unsure how best to go about developing an IT architecture? Learn from the experience of others:

Are you seeking help in implementing your IT Architecture? Fine. TOGAF is a foundation, not a cook-book: the help of experienced professionals can be invaluable. But we do believe that, if you insist on any professional services being based around TOGAF, you will be much better able to compare different service offerings, and protect yourself from unnecessary lock-in to proprietary methodologies.

Do you have problems persuading your senior management of the need for IT Architecture? You're not alone. That's why we have developed

Would you like to see COTS tools available that properly support the IT Architecture function, and preserve investments in architecture assets? So would we. See what we're doing about it:

Are you lost in the maze of open systems standards? Open standards is what The Open Group is all about.

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