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Welcome to TOGAF®
Version 9 "Enterprise Edition"

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The Book TOGAF® Version 9 -- 'The Book'

The full text of TOGAF Version 9 "Enterprise Edition" is now available as a perfect bound, soft cover book; 780 pages, with full color illustrations.

order now or buy the PDF Edition and download now.

Also now available TOGAF Version 9 -- A Pocket Guide and more....

About TOGAF®

TOGAF®, an Open Group Standard, is a proven enterprise architecture methodology and framework used by the world's leading organizations to improve business efficiency. It is the most prominent and reliable enterprise architecture standard, ensuring consistent standards, methods, and communication among enterprise architecture professionals. Enterprise architecture professionals fluent in TOGAF standards enjoy greater industry credibility, job effectiveness, and career opportunities. TOGAF helps practitioners avoid being locked into proprietary methods, utilize resources more efficiently and effectively, and realize a greater return on investment.

First developed in 1995, TOGAF was based on the US Department of Defense Technical Architecture Framework for Information Management (TAFIM). From this sound foundation, The Open Group Architecture Forum has developed successive versions of TOGAF at regular intervals and published them on The Open Group public web site.

Details of the Forum, and its plans for evolving TOGAF in the current year, are given on the Architecture Forum web site.

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About TOGAF Version 9 Enterprise Edition

TOGAF Version 9 Enterprise Edition ("TOGAF 9" for short) is a detailed method and set of supporting resources for developing an Enterprise Architecture. Developed and endorsed by the membership of The Open Group's Architecture Forum, TOGAF 9 represents an industry consensus framework and method for Enterprise Architecture that is available for use internally by any organization around the world - members and non-members of The Open Group alike - subject to license conditions - see Downloading TOGAF 9

As a comprehensive, open method for Enterprise Architecture, TOGAF 9 complements, and can be used in conjunction with, other frameworks that are more focused on specific aspects of architecture or for vertical sectors such as Government, Defense, and Finance.

Learn more about TOGAF 9 from the following white papers:

more visit the TOGAF(tm) information site

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TOGAF 9 Certification

TOGAF® 9 provides a clear path for professional development and credibility to employers. The TOGAF Certification program has enabled more than 20,000 enterprise architects and trainers around the globe to demonstrate their proven knowledge of the framework. Certification is achieved through a two-part examination, following a course of self-study or an Accredited TOGAF 9 Training Course.

The Open Group TOGAF 9 certification is:

  • Used by the world's leading enterprises to certify a common body of core knowledge about the methodology and framework
  • A trusted, vendor-neutral, globally recognized and portable credential
  • Valuable in demonstrating to employers and peers your commitment to enterprise architecture as a discipline
  • An outstanding career move and a foundational certification in the career of any enterprise architect

Find out more:

Why Become Certified?

For architecture service providers and tools vendors, the new certification program provides a way to demonstrate clearly how their services and products support the Enterprise Architect using TOGAF .

For individual Enterprise Architects, TOGAF certification demonstrates clearly to employers and peers their commitment to their profession as a discipline. In particular, it demonstrates that they possess a body of core knowledge about TOGAF as an open, industry standard framework and method for Enterprise Architecture.

The Open Group publishes the definitive register of TOGAF certified individuals, and certified service and product offerings, and issues certificates that can be used by vendors in promotion.

How to Become Certified for TOGAF 9?

You can choose how to prepare for the TOGAF 9 certification examinations, whether that is by self-study, mentoring or attending a training course. The Open Group recommends attendance at an Accredited TOGAF Training course.

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How do I download TOGAF?

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