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Aardvark is the X/Open Bug eater. It is used to collect written comments on specific review documents. Review comments or `bugs' should be phrased wherever possible in terms of specific wording changes. Bugs submitted in this way can then be more easily discussed at relevant working group meetings, or voted on by email.

Aardvark automatically processes and collates bugs from appropriately formatted email messages. This allows all bugs from many sources relating to a single document to be collated and presented in page order in a single Change Request Report.

Aardvark Input Format

Comments should be submitted to Aardvark in the following format. Some sample input/output:

A C program to generate Aardvark input is available.

Binaries of the Aardvark for Linux2 are available. Sources are available on request.

Austin Group Aardvark

Austin Group Final Text Aardvark

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