Joint Meeting Agenda

Joint Meeting Agenda
8-9 May 2002
Reading, UK Hosted by The Open Group.

The eighth plenary meeting of the Austin Group is being held in Reading, UK. The meeting is being hosted by The Open Group. (note that the Base WG plans to meet the day before on May 7).

A file of logistics and hotel information is available.

Meeting Goals

The goal of this meeting is to put together the scope for Technical Corrigendum Number 1 (TC1), and the associated project paperwork for the participating sponsoring organizations, and resolution of the aardvark input to date for production of TC1.

A large part of the meeting will be spent doing issue resolution based on Aardvark comments submitted during the period since the final draft was completed. Attendees are assumed to be familiar with the proposed dispositions for the aardvark prior to the attendance of the meeting - these will not be discussed unless there is some disagreement with the proposal.

Meeting Preparation

Materials will be available at the meeting in electronic form on a reference CD-ROM. Please familiarise yourself with the documents produced from earlier Austin Group meetings ; these documents are available in the online document register.

Meeting Format

The meeting will consist of full time plenary sessions.

Meeting Times

It is anticipated that the meeting will run as follows:

[Tuesday May 7 Times to be confirmed Open Group Base WG meeting, invitation only]
Wednesday May 8 9am -> 5:00pm
Thursday May 9 9am -> 5pm

Preliminary Agenda Items

  1. 08:30 Coffee and Cakes
  2. 09:00 Administrivia
  3. Procedures Update
  4. Identification of Organizational Reps
  5. Status Reports
  6. Old business
  7. 10:00 -10:15 break
  8. New business
  9. 16:30 Consent list
  10. Issues list
  11. Action Item Review
  12. Draft & Meeting Schedule
  13. AOB

    ICSC Sockets liaison

    If you have comments or additions to the Agenda please send them to Andrew Josey).