Minutes of May 2002 Meeting

Minutes of the 8th Plenary Meeting of the Austin Group
8-9 May, 2002
Reading, UK, Hosted by The Open Group.

Andrew JoseyThe Open GroupChair
Nick StoughtonUsenixWG15, Secretary
Don CragunSun MicrosystemIEEE
Ulrich DrepperRed Hat
Raja SrinivasanOracle
Ben HarrisUniversity of Cambridge
Keld SimonsenDKUUG (teleconference, part)
Finbarr MurphyHP Compaq (teleconference, full)TOG
Matts WichmanIntel (teleconference, part)
Cathy HughesTOG (teleconference, part)
Jon Hitchcock
Joanna FarleySun Microsystems
Joerg SchillingGMD (teleconference, part)
Glen FowlerAT&T Labs Research (teleconference, part)
Dave ButenhofHP/Compaq (teleconference, part)
David KornAT&T Labs Research (teleconference, part)
Andrew GollanSun Microsystems
Lois GoldthwaiteIST/5/-/15
David EdmondsonSun Microsystems
Yvette Ho SangIEEE Standards (teleconference, part)

Andrew Josey called the eigth meeting (a.k.a. Austin/M9, since this counting includes a teleconference) of the Austin Group to order at 9:05 am Wednesday May 8th at The Open Group's office in Reading, Berkshire.

Meeting Goals

The goal of this meeting is to put together the scope for Technical Corrigendum Number 1 (TC1), and the associated project paperwork for the participating sponsoring organizations, and resolution of the aardvark input to date for production of TC1.

A large part of the meeting will be spent doing issue resolution based on Aardvark comments submitted during the period since the final draft was completed. Attendees are assumed to be familiar with the proposed dispositions for the aardvark prior to the attendance of the meeting - these will not be discussed unless there is some disagreement with the proposal.

  1. Administrivia
  2. Procedures Update

    No updates.

  3. Identification of Organizational Reps

    see attendance list above.

  4. Status Reports
  5. Old business
  6. New business

  7. Consent list
    AGREED: David Korn to act as chair of subgroup to formulate proposals for Regular Expression problems.

  8. Issues list
    ISSUE: It is extremely unfortunate that ISO cannot manage to publish this standard as a single part without editorial change. Resolved we will accept their proposal to publish as four parts, with the proviso that it should be distributed on a single CD and sold as a single standard.

  9. Action Item Review

    1. ACTION 2002-05-03: XBD ERN 34 Joerg Schilling to investigate the correct behavior of NFS w.r.t. to st_blocks, and propose suitable future action.
    2. ACTION 2002-05-04: Ben Harris to provide complete list of changes for XCU ERN 1.
    3. ACTION 2002-5-05: XCU ERN 11 Joanna Farley to propose final text for first inconsistency.
    4. ACTION 2002-05-06: DWC to propose response for XSH ERN 13 as an interpretation.
    5. ACTION 2002-05-07: XSH ERN 16 Andrew Gollan to provide definitions for Canonical Name and Alias (in the context of network naming).
    6. ACTION 2002-05-08: XSH ERN 23 Andrew Gollan to define numeric form of network addresses.
    7. ACTION 2002-05-09: TOG OR to investigate XSH ERN 26
    8. ACTION 2002-05-10: TOG OR to convey XSH ERN 54 to OGTGBASE for theior consideration.
    9. ACTION 2002-05-11: Chair to drive PAR submission process for new PAR.
    10. ACTION 2002-05-12: Ulrich Drepper to update table on XBD p143 (XBD ERN 9)
    11. ACTION 2002-05-13: Chair to produce paper documenting maintenance procedure.
    12. ACTION 2002-05-14: Editor to produce updated version of echo manual page
    All actions must be closed by 2002-05-28 unless otherwise stated.
  10. Draft & Meeting Schedule

    Marked up aardvark to be recirculated by Monday May 13. Actions from this meeting close May 28. Final aardvark issued by June 24. TC1 draft 0 should be issued by May 28 (not including items still open). Interpretations should start 30 day clock by May 28 wherever possible. Teleconference meeting probable mid-June to close out open items. We need to form raise a PAR (and PMC eval criteria), get this through the SEC and NesCOM, and form a ballot group. Deadline August 2 for PAR submission. We also need to fully understand the ISO process.

    We probably need a face-to-face annually, but as aardvark demands.

  11. AOB
    1. Awards

      The following awards were presented by Andrew Josey:

      • USENIX Association, for their assistance in funding critical players
      • Nick Stoughton, WG15 OR
      • Don Cragun, IEEE OR
      • Ulrich Drepper, major contributor
      • Jon Hitchcock, major contributor
      • Andrew Gollan, major contributor
      • Joanna Farley, major contributor
      The awards committee also acknowledged the following contributors (not present at the meeting) who will be receiving an awards certificate via mail (once the chair can locate all the postal addresses)
      • Mark Brown, TOG OR
      • Fred Tydeman, major contributor
      • Dave Butenhof, major contributor
      • Donn Terry, major contributor
      • Frank Prindle, major contributor
      • Clive Feather, major contributor
      • Finnbarr Murphy, major contributor

    All members of the Austin Group wish to thank The Open Group for hosting this meeting and taking care of our needs so dutifully.

    The meeting adjourned at 4.57pm Thursday.

    If you have comments or additions relating to the correctness of the Minutes please send them to The Austin Group Chair. If your comments relate to decisions regarding the disposition of the aardvark please refer first to the Aardvark reports, and then if you still have a comment please send it to the main reflectors so that all can see the issue.