Austin 2016: Proceedings - ArchiMate Forum

ArchiMate® Forum Members' Meeting

Tuesday, July 19, 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm

Objective of Meeting

The goal of the meeting was to discuss the main topics that matter to the Forum and to follow up on the different activities under development by the working groups. The meeting also covered the actions and important decisions about the update of the ArchiMate® ecosystem due to the release of the ArchiMate 3.0 Specification, especially for the Certification Program update. There was also a presentation and review of the new version of ArchiMate marketing plan, membership status, and certification numbers.


The following topics were covered in the meeting:

  • The ArchiMate 3.0 final report was presented. The standard was released June 14 as part of the IRM UK Conference.
  • Actions have been taken in the Forum and with The Open Group Certification team to update the ArchiMate Certification Program (People and Tools) to comply with the new version of the standard.
  • The People Certification Program Conformance Requirements was under Company Review until July 10. Ten change requests were received and an online poll has been delivered for members so they can propose resolutions for them. The next step for this process that ended July 16 is to go into a Forum Ballot for the final draft editing and the Sanity Check.
  • The People Certification Program Configuration was in Company Review that ended July 13. No comments were received so the document will be passed for Sanity Check.
  • The Tools Conformance Requirements document is still under Forum assessment and it will be released shortly for Company Review. Input has been gathered from members and had been reflected in the document. One of the more relevant topics under discussion is whether either define conformance with the Exchange File Format from the beginning or as a second stage. That still needs to be defined and confirmed in the Company Review.
  • Archi support for ArchiMate was discussed. Staff members explained that the support of open source is one of the topics that The Open Group is supporting more, so this activity has been approved. Besides that, Archi support is good for the standard adoption in the market and for the practitioner community. It was a discussion with different points of view presented and The Open Group confirmed that the activity is moving forward with a very specific Statement of Work and with clear deliverables that were explained to the Forum. There will be continuous updates on the progress of this activity.
  • The OMG Liaison report was presented. The Open Group and the OMG defined a statement so the issues related with the license and IPR had been solved. A team has been formed in the Forum to start with the MOF development in the ArchiMate Forum. Actions will start after the Austin meeting.
  • The ArchiMate Exchange File Format – planned roadmap and next steps to update the standard to comply with the new version were presented. The group has made good progress and the next step is to deliver a Snapshot of the updated standard to comply with the ArchiMate 3.0 Specification.
  • Progress was reported on the updates to the White Papers and Case Studies to comply with the ArchiMate 3.0 Specification. Visio stencils had been developed and are currently in the repository.
  • The Capability-Based Planning White Paper, a joint activity between the Architecture and ArchiMate Forums, was presented. The document has just ended the Forum review and the proposed resolutions to the changes received are under definition.
  • The marketing activities for promotion of the new version were presented. It will be a series of additional activities for the Paris event and also additional webinars.
  • An update was delivered on the certification numbers and members' activity statistics.
  • The last topic discussed was how The Open Group executive management advise Gold members to assign their resources strategically into the different Forums they can have access to, based on the topics and subject areas that are more strategic and in which member representatives can contribute and deliver more value.


Detailed meeting minutes and list of consent items and open actions to support the current activities and key decisions about the ArchiMate 3.0 Specification and the other Forum activities.

Next Steps

  • Follow up on the actions for the update of the ArchiMate ecosystem
  • Continue with the Forum activities regarding the update of the Certification Program following the proper processes
  • Take the actions for the update of the training materials for the People Certification Program
  • Take the actions for the update of the Tool Certification Program and the new proposed Indicators of Compliance
  • Move forward with the MOF development in the Forum
  • Take actions to improve member participation and market awareness about the standard usage
  • Support the current activities in place
  • Follow up on the consent items and open actions


The Open Group Platinum Members