Austin 2016: Proceedings - Architecture Forum (Case Study)

TOGAF® Workshop – Case Study


Current Practice: How do they really do Architecture today?

Tuesday, July 19, 2:00 pm – 5:30 pm

Objective of Meeting

The main goal of the meeting was to present and discuss a real-case application of Enterprise Architecture (EA) as a practice and the TOGAF® standard as an EA Framework. The case presented was Combining TOGAF® and Vanguard Practice to Transform an Organization.

This presentation was structured as a workshop in which presenters shared with the audience their real experiences and the real artifacts and practices applied in the case delivery and also have more interactive feedback from the audience.


Dave Hornford presented the overview and context for the case presentation and the workshop.

The first part of the presentation was delivering the case context and showed the main concerns and issues to solve from a strategic perspective for the organization involved in the case and also the approach the team took to work the case.

The first approach which is EA to support strategy was presented. This was focused on a new strategy definition to enter different market segments looking for less projects with higher margin.

As part of the workshop, attendees identified the main capabilities needed to reach the desired state based on the strategy approach considering the risk, the company principles, and the issues identified from their annual plan and the lessons learned.

The same approach was made in the following steps of the approach: architecture to support portfolio and solution delivery.

After the exercise was finished, the workshop continued developing governance artifacts to enable reporting to the Board of Directors for value realization and to demonstrate value realization.

After the exercise and case presentation, the really hard questions were put to the Conexiam team about the real world.

Finally, the wrap-up and recommendations were defined as well as the next steps.


  • Experiences shared among Forum members, conclusions, and recommendations definition.
  • Actions to apply the experience of this case supporting the evolution of the TOGAF standard through writing a case study, guide development, and specific changes needed to the core of the specification to support the challenges presented in the case.
  • Detailed presentation and information for the case.

Next Steps

  • Share the presentation and the minutes with all members of the Forum.
  • Take actions to leverage this experience to support the next version of the TOGAF standard.
  • Promote the case presentation in other Open Groups events.


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