Berlin 2017: Proceedings - IT4IT Forum

IT4IT™ Forum Members' Meetings

Objective of Meeting

The objective of the Berlin event for the IT4IT Forum was to support face-to-face working sessions for the many new Work Groups that were kicked off in January 2017 at The Open Group San Francisco event after the new version of the IT4IT standard (Version 2.1) was released. These Work Groups are developing content for new guidance documents and the next version of the IT4IT Value Chain and Reference Architecture standard.


The IT4IT Forum leadership chaired a public session to communicate the state of the IT4IT Forum to members and event attendees. (See the Plenary report.)

This session was followed by three half days of IT4IT Forum members-only meetings from April 24 to 26 in which IT4IT Forum Work Group leaders hosted working sessions for each IT4IT technical, business, and cross-Forum Work Group. The following Work Groups met in Berlin:

  • Adoption
  • Business Value of the IT4IT Reference Architecture
  • Vertical Service Model
  • Supporting Activities/GRC
  • Intelligence & Reporting/KPIs
  • Interoperability & Tool Certification
  • IT4IT+TOGAF®+ArchiMate® Harmonization

In addition, a special session was held to explore opening a new Work Group to advance new content for the IT4IT Strategy to Portfolio value stream.


  • Detailed meeting minutes
  • A list of actionable proposed feedback to guide the development of content that each Work Group has in progress
  • Specific actions to review and define a strategy and vision for doing more on positioning the IT4IT Value Chain and IT Operating Model
  • High-level planning for the Ottawa event members' meetings

Next Steps

  • Each Work Group is committed to following up on the actionable feedback collected at the face-to-face meetings in Berlin and delivering against their stated roadmap of deliverables for 2017
  • The Steering Committee and Adoption Work Group will further the discussion of finding a leader and volunteers for an IT4IT standard “Product Management & Stabilization” epic to coordinate the elements of future releases of the IT4IT standard
  • Continue work to attract more members into active participation in the Forum work streams
  • Continue to support the new “Harmonization” joint activity between the IT4IT, TOGAF, and ArchiMate standards
  • Present a webinar for all IT4IT Forum members on May 10 to present a progress report from five IT4IT Forum Work Groups


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