Add an Accredited TOGAF® Business Architecture Course

Instructions meant for training organizations that already have a course accredited by The Open Group and wish to submit an exam-based Credential course for accreditation. Find out more about The Open Group Credentials.

1- Course registration

Please complete the registration form.

The Team will help you start the process and share the Legal documents to be signed.

2- Accreditation Fee

An invoice will be sent by our Finance team once the registration form has been received.



Payment Due

Accreditation Fee*

US $1,000

Upon application to accredit a training course

Affiliate Fee

US $175

Upon application to register an Affiliate. Fee applies per each Affiliate registered with a Credential Training Course.

Re-Accreditation Fee

US $500

Every 2 years

* The TOGAF® Business Architecture Accreditation Fee includes a license to The Open Group training materials.

Accreditation fees do not include the commercial license fee.

3- Course Submission

Upon receipt of the legal documents signed the Accreditation Package will be made available. Please:

  • Prepare your Training Course Materials.
  • Complete the applicable Training Course Materials Checklist which is included into the Accreditation Package.
  • Prepare the trainer(s) credentials and information. The Authorized trainers requirements are listed here.

Once the legal documents will be signed and the invoice sent/accreditation fee paid, you will be invited to submit your Accreditation package.

The Certification Authority will then have an assessor perform an assessment of your Accreditation Package. The assessor may contact you with questions during the assessment. The Certification Authority will inform you of the outcome of the accreditation process.

Once your training course is accredited, it will be added to the Accredited Course Register.

For any enquiry, please send an email.

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