Denver 2019: Proceedings – Architecture Forum

Architecture Forum:
Agile Architecture Framework Workshop

Monday, July 22, 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm

Objective of Meeting

The main goal of this Governing Board Work Group meeting was to present the current status of the Agile Architecture Framework (AAF) and discuss the feedback sent by Forum members in relation to the draft Snapshot document shared for comments. Also, leaders provided a summary and description of the content and approach for the deliverable.


The meeting started with a presentation delivered by the activity leaders. A report was presented for the current status of the activity and the main topics currently under discussion. Feedback and comments from attendees were received in relation to the project approach and its connection with the evolution of the TOGAF® standard.


  • Feedback received from Forum members in relation to the project approach and the document content and structure
  • Specific actions to follow up to enrich the TOGAF standard with the project content and to connect the AAF content into the TOGAF evolution process and pursue alignment and consistency

Next Steps

  • Follow the actions defined to enrich the document with the feedback discussed
  • Continue with the activity according to the roadmap and planning
  • Keep the ongoing communication with the Forum and related Work Groups


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