Denver 2019: Proceedings – Architecture Forum

Architecture Forum:
Next Generation of Enterprise Architecture Design Thinking Workshop

Wednesday, July 24, 9:00 am – 12:30 pm

Objective of Meeting

The main goal of the meeting was to discuss and shape Enterprise Architecture in the new era Forum activity in order to clarify the scope and approach. The session was organized in the form of a Design Thinking workshop in order to facilitate brainstorming and innovative ideas from attendees.


The meeting started with a presentation delivered by the Forum Vice-Chair in relation to the Design Thinking activity. The Forum Director also provided a summary of the meetings held in advance of the workshop to provide an overview of the whole  activity.  The Forum Co-Chair explained the materials and approach to be used and provided a summary of the session organized in June that was the starting point for this session. Attendees used the materials to provide input in the form of post-its and a flip chart to discuss ideas in relation to the Enterprise Architecture discipline and its major actors to clarify the course of action to be taken.

The session continued with brainstorming from attendees, followed by the wrap-up and definition of actions.


  • Feedback received from Forum members as part of the workshop that will be used after the session to summarize and report the brainstorming and use this information to shape the activity
  • Agreements and actions defined to support the activities derived from the backlog management and how this new activity will support that
  • A series of actions to be followed up in the weeks after the event to take concrete steps and move forward with the activity in alignment with the definitions taken in the previous virtual sessions and the results of this session

Next Steps

  • Follow up the agreed actions defined in the session
  • Continue with the backlog assessment and management according to the plan and also to pursue the formal kick-off for this Enterprise Architecture in the new era activity


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