Denver 2019: Proceedings – Architecture Forum

Architecture Forum:
The TOGAF® Standard Evolution and TOGAF Certification Program

Tuesday, July 23, 2:00 pm – 5:30 pm

Objective of Meeting

The meeting objective was to present and discuss the TOGAF Company Review update and progress and also to comment and discuss the new content submission process to evolve the standard to address market needs.

The second objective was to discuss the approach and principles to evolve the TOGAF Certification Program to be compliant with the new release of the standard.


The session started with a presentation delivered by the Forum Chair in relation to the TOGAF evolution process and the new release structure. Also, to comment on the implications and proposal related to the drafts in review and to introduce the new part for introduction containing general concepts, references, and definitions.

The mechanism proposed and shared with members for injecting new content into the standard was also explained and discussed. In relation to this new content, the TOGAF Backlog status was presented and  ideas were captured on how to engage with short-term opportunities for new features. This topic will be addressed in more depth in the session on Wednesday.

The other relevant topic was planning for the TOGAF Certification Program evolution and improvements - this was a high-level discussion about the basic principles and overall shape of the program.


  • Decisions and actions in relation to the TOGAF evolution process and new structure proposed and the impact on the roadmap
  • Decisions and actions agreed in relation to the new content mechanism and the need to connect valuable content with the standard
  • Feedback received from Forum members in relation to the Certification Program updates and improvements and feedback for the general principles presented

Next Steps

  • Follow up the plan presented in the session and comply with the actions defined in relation to the TOGAF evolution
  • Continue with the CSC bi-weekly meetings to engage members in the activities, taking into consideration the feedback received in relation to the TOGAF Certification Program evolution and improvements
  • Encourage Forum members to engage in the new submission content to evolve the standard
  • Share meeting results, discussions, and agreements defined in the session with the whole Forum as a mechanism to maintain clarity on the process


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