ArchiMate® Forum Meeting

Objective of the meeting:

We held a members-only meeting where participants were tasked with determining the future direction of the Standard, the ArchiMate® User Community, and Forum, through a discovery workshop.


We hosted a meeting with eight attendees on the first day, where we had great and insightful conversation from those who are not regular participants in the forum. The officers met again on Tuesday, to go over the outcome of the meeting and devise a plan going forward.


The focus will be on adoption of the standard worldwide through guidance documentation. We will be harnessing the tribal knowledge from the experienced ArchiMate practitioners to develop this documentation. We will be looking for volunteers to share their experiences in areas such as solution architecture, infrastructure architecture, business architecture modeling, and simple notation. This will be in addition to continuing the development of the ArchiMate 101 document currently posted in the ArchiMate User Community.

Further, push the adoption of the certification program in certain industries. We will be targeting government agencies during this first push.

Next steps:

  • Reach out to our government partners
  • Schedule time with the forum to bring them up to speed on the outcome of the meeting
  • Host a Toolkit Tuesday in November to showcase the specification and a tool vendor implementation
  • Encourage industry experts to join in the guidance documentation development
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