Architecture Forum Meeting

Working Sessions Covering Five Topics:

1. Adapting Forum Governance for the TOGAF® Standard, O-AA™ Standard, and Commercial Aviation Reference Architecture™:

  • High-level discussion outlining the challenges and opportunities arising within the Forum with the need to manage more than one standard
  • Standards now currently supported by the Architecture Forum:
    • TOGAF Standard
    • Open Agile Architecture™ Standard, also known as the O-AA Standard
    • Commercial Aviation Reference Architecture

Summary outcome: No change. We will review in due course.

2. Use of the ArchiMate® Specification for Forum publications:

  • High-level discussion on the use of the ArchiMate Specification in the development of content within the Architecture Forum – the pros and cons of this, and whether the Forum should be more proactive in its use

Summary outcome: Encourage the use of the ArchiMate Specification for models included in Forum publications. Forum Officers to draft a Consent Item for a ballot by Forum members.

3. Machine Learning / NLP Opportunities for the Architecture Forum

  • Chris Harding presented a demo on the use of Natural Language Processing with a view to use this within the development and reviewing of the Standards process
  • Summary outcome – members made aware of possibilities, that some future collaboration is possible; team to continue working on the evolution of the tool and use-cases

4. Forum Members & Social Media Engagement

  • High-level discussion on the use of social media channels to ensure published content is shared and spoken of within the relevant channels

Summary outcome: Forum Officers will share some simple guidance with members so that we can coordinate our promotion of Forum activities using our social networks.

5. Update on the TOGAF Strategy

  • Mark shared the work to date and next steps, as documented and captured in the Miro Board; Members have been working to add and refine this backlog view of content
  • Members agreed to review / feedback on the forthcoming draft of the TOGAF Vision & Roadmap
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