IT4IT™ Forum Meeting


To present the IT4IT™ Standard, Version 3.0 launch plan, and the roadmap and available guidance for future IT4IT 3.x releases. See the presentation for the meeting here.


IT4IT V3.0 Launch Plan

  • An interactive group session held on the adoption and awareness of standards, with a focus on the IT4IT Standard
  • Agreement that the IT4IT Standard is currently in the early adoption stage, with a focus on Influencers and Early Adopters
  • Recognized interest in the IT4IT Standard from a geographical aspect, with areas such as the Netherlands, Belgium, North America, Japan, Canada, and China showing a keen interest
  • Recognition that Case Studies should be linked to roles and personas
  • Agreement that a Unilever™ Case Study should be a priority
  • Toolkit Tuesdays were noted as a possibility for raising IT4IT awareness with an Enterprise Architect audience focus
  • The marketing roadmap (see the presentation) was agreed, with actions listed in Next Steps

IT4IT V3.x Release (Roadmap)

  • A potential timeline (see the presentation) for the release of Snapshots was discussed – to define  the release strategy (e.g., a yearly release not affecting certification), evaluate and prioritize the current backlog (in GitLab®), identify potential issues / fixes, and identity enhancements (additional content)
  • Agreement that this would need to be every six months instead of every three months due to the process for getting these developed, approved, and released, but could be reviewed on a regular basis
  • The current and future roadmaps (see the presentation) were discussed (to be discussed at the next IT4IT Steering Committee), followed by a discussion on topic owners and the frequency of meetings, which will also be picked up in the next IT4IT Steering Committee meeting
  • A review summary of the items in the GitLab backlog for those items marked as “deferred to V3.x” was provided, of which there were 44 specific issues (although noting there are additional backlog items that also require attention)
  • The 10 identified issues in 3.0 were also listed, as were topics for consideration, and a very detailed and involved a thorough discussion of all the issues and topics took place (this list will be reviewed and discussed at the next IT4IT Steering Committee meeting):
    • The IT4IT name
    • Industry verticals
    • How to / scenarios
    • Financial management / costs
    • Business layer (cap / objects / process / operating model)
    • GRC + Security (secops)
    • Value streams – not end-to-end
    • Remove “functional groups” (naming)
    • Security (DevSecOps)
    • Asset management
    • Digital supply chain
    • Capability model
    • Type of data object (subtypes/attributes)
    • Missing ArchiMate® Business Layer
    • Workforce management (employee/team)
    • Capacity management
    • Value Network
    • AIOPS – observability
    • Value generating KPI/metrics / value realization
    • Multi-vendor integration + supplier relationship management

Guidance (Roadmap)

  • An overview of the items to be considered with regards to guidance materials was presented [see presentation] and it was recognized that it would be beneficial to have an updated list of which materials currently available had been downloaded the most – it was agreed that this needed to be requested
  • There was an interactive discussion about materials (refer to the presentation for the full list being reviewed), and this led to the following being discussed:
    • Reference Cards + infographic
    • Pocket Guide
    • Case Studies – Unilever™ and Micro Focus®
    • Magnificent 7 (noting that this is about to be published)
    • ArchiMate® Specification and IT4IT V3.0 (xml)
    • How to use the IT4IT Standard
    • IT4IT value for:
      • Stakeholders
      • Industries
    • Scenarios / playbooks
    • ITFM
    • Blog
    • IT4IT animated video (Level 1)
  • This list was then reviewed, and the top 4 priorities chosen:
    • Reference Cards / Andreas
    • Case Studies:
      • Unilever (Michelle H. and Rob)
      • Micro Focus (Satya)
      • Member call for Case Studies in their own companies
    • ArchiMate Specification and IT4IT V3.0 / Kees
    • IT4IT Animated video (Level 0) – action item already noted

Next Steps / Actions:

1. Level 0 view to be provided in 2-3 PPT slide format for The Open Group Marketing dept to progress:

  • Etienne to provide to Michelle H.
  • Michelle H. to raise an MRF for marketing

2. Michelle H. / Rob to prepare a Case Study on Unilever.

3. Present IT4IT for a Toolkit Tuesday:

  • Rob to present
  • Michelle H. to arrange via Marketing / Chris

4. Michelle H. to progress new marketing materials with the team in China once they are approved for publication.

5. Magnificent 7 to be checked for consistency and submitted to marketing by Michelle H. via an MRF for promotion.

6. Magnificent 7 to be submitted for publication in The Open Group online library by Michelle H.

7. The following items to be included on the agenda for the next IT4IT Steering Committee meeting:

  • Future draft roadmap
  • Backlog items and V3.0 issues (as noted in the presentation and the items in this document)
  • Member call for Case Studies in member companies

8. The marketing actions listed above to be included for discussion at the next Adoption WG meeting.

9. Michelle H. to request the list of IT4IT materials from The Open Group, download statistics, and provide these to the Forum.

The Open Group Platinum Members