Portfolio of Digital Open Standards: Visual Interface and Navigation

Objective of Session

To discuss the Digital Portfolio of Digital Open Standards vision, strategy, and roadmap, and to define priorities in relation to the work in progress to incrementally improve the Digital Portfolio. Also, to analyze the Digital Portfolio metrics framework as a potential new workstream.


The session covered the following objectives:

1. Discuss the Digital Portfolio vision, stakeholders, value proposition, and problem to be solved to clarify the strategy.

2. Discuss priorities for the Digital Portfolio backlog.

3. Discuss the Digital Portfolio Product structure and cross-cutting collaboration, as well as the governance and accountability model.

4. Interactive discussion over the Digital Portfolio metrics framework.


A list of actions was defined in relation to the list of priorities, to fulfill the portfolio vision and to plan for continuous improvements. Also, to define the way of working to pursue cross-cutting collaboration between the different Forums to conform and enrich the portfolio. Items to plan the work ahead and the roadmap.

Next Steps

  • Discuss the actions defined in the DPWG meeting in WebEx sessions
  • Define the ground rules and way of working for the cross-cutting collaboration
  • Identify the main technical activities to improve the Digital Portfolio
  • Work with members and staff to improve and enhance the content of the Digital Portfolio


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