Open Platform™ 3.0 Forum

Helping organizations take advantage of the convergence of modern technologies like cloud computing, social computing, mobile computing, big data analytics, and the internet of things.

The Open Platform 3.0 Forum is creating open technology standards that will enable the free flow of information and support the technological development of Smart Cities. Our areas of interest include: 

  • Big Data 
  • Interoperability
  • Cloud Computing
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • Microservices Architecture 

We are particularly interested in the challenges, concerns, and consequences of adopting these technologies.

The Open Group Open Platform 3.0 Forum focuses on new and emerging technology trends converging with each other and leading to new business models and system designs. These convergent forces - united by the growing consumerization of technology and the resulting evolution in user behavior - offer the potential to create new business models and system designs. However, they also pose architectural issues and structural considerations that must be addressed for businesses to benefit.

The Open Group Open Platform 3.0 Forum will advance The Open Group vision of Boundaryless Information Flow™ by helping organizations take advantage of the convergence of these modern technologies.

Reference Model for Open Platform™ 3.0

This White Paper foreshadows the development of The Open Group Open Platform 3.0™ standard. It is published to inform customers and suppliers of IT products and services, enterprise architects, and IT architects of current thinking and direction on a set of new platform capabilities that will help enterprises to reap the business benefits of Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics, Internet of Things, Social Networks, and Mobile Computing.
Analysts forecast that the convergence and mutual reinforcement of technologies such as social, cloud, mobile, and big data will revolutionize business and society, disrupting old business models and creating new leaders. The Open Group shares this perspective and has established the Open Platform 3.0™ Forum to look at how these technologies can be used effectively and reliably both in combination (as a platform) and individually. This White Paper contains a set of use-cases, illustrating how these technologies are and can be used in innovative business situations. Analysis of these use-cases will be the basis of the definition of Open Platform 3.0, which will contribute to the realization of Boundaryless Information Flow™ by helping enterprises gain business benefit from emerging information technologies.

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Being a member of The Open Group gives organizations early access to the latest information and developments regarding open standards and best practices, and enables them to participate in The Open Group’s highly influential Forums and Work Groups. We provide a collaborative, vendor-neutral environment where member representatives can:

  • Network with a world-class community of peers, experts and industry leaders
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  • Gain insight for future decisions from both major customers and suppliers of IT
  • Influence outcomes that benefit their organizations
  • Grow professionally, and enhance their credibility in the industry
  • Receive education in best practices

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