Healthcare Forum

About the Forum


The Healthcare Forum is a global, Member-led collaboration among industry stakeholders, regulatory bodies, standards development organizations, and others concerned with using IT to improve healthcare for the patient.  The Forum was formed under the auspices of The Open Group - a proven, neutral, trusted organization.


The Open Group Healthcare Forum is developing a path-breaking Health Enterprise Framework and a Health Enterprise Reference Architecture.  In addition to its Membership, the Forum is working with several collaborating organizations.  Forum products are aimed at key private- and public-sector decision makers as well as the managers and health IT specialists who develop business, information, application, and technology solutions.


The Open Group Healthcare Forum is a global, non-profit group of diverse stakeholders who meet weekly (virtually) and 4 times a year in-person (twice in Europe and twice in the US).  These are important opportunities to engage with colleagues, advance Forum project work, and plan for the future.


The Open Group Healthcare Forum members strive to help provide higher quality and lower cost healthcare through the benefits enabled by Boundaryless Information Flow.  Members define the scope of work projects while applying expertise in healthcare through the discipline of Enterprise Architecture.


The exchange and safe flow of healthcare data is enabled through widespread adoption of standardized vocabularies and secure, efficient information sharing practices.  Boundaryless Information Flow (TM), rooted in evidence-based research and best practices, can improve healthcare systems by advancing quality outcomes, streamlining business processes, reducing medical error and fraud and abuse, and enabling innovation and digital transformation.  The Forum views the person at the center of information collection and sharing, though the number of stakeholders in the ecosystem is large and the levels of data aggregation are many.


To improve health and healthcare by facilitating the use of IT to improve information flow in the healthcare ecosystem.  In all aspects of its work, including evaluation of other architectural systems, the Forum applies and, where possible, expands the discipline and principles of enterprise architecture.

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