Start Your IT4IT™ Journey

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Begin your journey to value with IT4IT standard, please visit one of more of the following helpful tools:

3 Ways the IT4IT™ Standard is Unique and Different

A 2 minute video message from a Vice Chair of the IT4IT Forum

Providing Operational Value with the IT4IT™ Standard

This White Paper provides a conceptual description of the standard and high-level points of the IT Value Chain framework.

Delivering Business Value with IT

This White Paper describes the six key properties of IT services, the IT operating model, and the IT value delivery ecosystem that delivers them.

How to Communicate the Benefits of the IT4IT™ Reference Architecture

A web page compilation with various sources of information including webinars, video clips, articles and social media links.

Stakeholder Concerns by Scenario mapped to IT4IT™ Value Streams

A web page that helps you find solutions, as a stakeholder in IT or the business, to provide a simple way to address your concerns and find specific guidance by using the IT4IT™ Standard.

The Open Group Webinar Series

A web page listing of webinars on various IT4IT™ Standards topics.

Case Studies and Testimonials

A web page listing videos and written content for Case Studies, Testimonials, Discussion Panels and Interviews.

Shell and IT4IT

In this 2 minute video interview, Karel van Zeeland, Lead Architect for IT4IT™ at Shell, talks about the need for the IT4IT Reference Architecture and his involvement in The Open Group IT4IT Forum.

IT4IT™ on Social Media and in the Media

A web page listing the IT4IT™ Standard social media sites and previous post links.

IT4IT™ Video Shorts

A listing of videos that are less than 8 minutes long on various topics.

IT4IT™ Deeper Dives

A listing of videos that are more than 9 minutes long on various topics.

IT4IT™ Publications

The Open Group publication library with a listing of artifacts for viewing and downloading.

IT4IT™ for Managing the Business of IT: A Management Guide(Free for Members Only, Available for purchase by non-members)

Provides guidance on how the IT4IT™ Reference Architecture can be used within an IT organization to manage the business of IT.

Quick Reference Cards

This is a 16-page set of reference cards showing the Level 1 and 2 Reference Architecture diagrams for the four IT4IT Value Streams

IT4IT™ Reference Architecture, Version 2.1 standard guide

This reference guide is the formal specification document for the IT4IT™ Standard.

Get Training for IT4IT™ Certification

A web page that provides details for individuals and companies to research options for training and certification, an FAQ and submit course information requests.

Find an upcoming IT4IT™ Accredited Training Course in your region

A web page listing all the upcoming course offerings by region, vendor and location.

Become a Member

How to get involved in Defining Open Standards and Certifications and get early access to the latest information and developments regarding open standards and best practices, and participate in The Open Group’s highly influential Forums and Work Groups.

Join a Workgroup

A list of the workgroups and leaders with a form to submit a request to join.


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