London 2016: Proceedings - Certification Program Workshop

Architecture Forum Members' Meetings: Certification Program Workshop

Wednesday, April 27

Objective of Meeting

The main goal of the meeting was to promote a brainstorming and ideas interchange about the structure and audience for the TOGAF® Certification Program and discuss the improvements to the Program. Also, to define an approach to deal with the changes that will have an impact due to the release of the new version of the standard.


Introductions were made.

The current structure of the People Certification Program was discussed. It was agreed that the Program is successful and the update for the new version should be an evolution not a complete redesign.

There was an open discussion on strategic questions about the Certification Program.

The audience for the People and Tools Programs was discussed.

For the People Certification Program the current structure is fine; however, it might be improved to address audiences that might not want to enter the full path for certification; for example, adding options to Level 1 to fit business people.

For the Tools Certification Program the audience is the vendors, but mainly the end users and the fact that the Program is used as a criteria for tool selection.

The following topics were discussed:

  • The need to strengthen the Tools Certification Program considering the balance between costs and benefits, so a strong business case is needed to approve changes in the Program.
  • Improvements in the way information about certified tools is presented and promoted, so users have a better view of to what extent a tool is compliant or not.
  • It is important to keep a close eye on the development of the new version of the standard and that any changes in the current Program also depend on the evolution of the next version.


  • Detailed meeting minutes and list of consent items and open actions to support the current activities and key decisions about the different working activities aimed to improve the Certification Program

Next Steps

  • Support the CSC work and promote the work among Forum members.
  • Take a closer look at the evolution of the next version of the standard.
  • Make a more complete assessment of the levels for People Certification (specifically Level 1).
  • Communicate to the rest of the Forum these conclusions and the work that CSC will plan.
  • About the Tools Certification Program work: Assess the practical ways to improve the indicators of compliance. Other related actions to roll the existing Program forward include publishing results, additional summaries besides the questionnaire to test the compliance, possible simplified list about the features that could be easier to follow up for end users.


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