London 2016: Proceedings - DBCX

Digital Business Strategy and Customer Experience

Monday, April 25

Joint Work Group session between the Open Platform 3.0™ Forum and the Architecture Forum.

Objective of Meeting

The main goals of the meeting were to review and redefine the scope and approach for the Work Group and to define a strategy to improve the collaboration between the Architecture and Open Platform 3.0 Forum members in this joint activity.


The Forum Director introduced the presenters and the meeting agenda.

Attendees presented themselves and expressed their interests and concerns about the Work Group.

Sarina Viljoen from Huawei presented the objectives, scope, and approach defined for the group so far and also the proposed deliverables that the team have been discussing.

The group discussed and agreed on the general objectives and approach. There was discussion about the deliverables and the need to align the work that is being performed in other groups, such as the evolution of TOGAF® working group, the Business Architecture standard, and other Forum activities that are also dealing with concepts like value streams, capabilities, customer experience, etc.

The group agreed to select three main objectives to continue with the work:

  • Metamodel new entities definition for the TOGAF standard
  • Customer journey definitions
  • Examples to define the customer experience and the omnichannel metamodel

It was also decided that more participation from both Forums is needed and also to define a way to work that would be more effective and less invasive of members' time. The agreement was to make a call for collaboration in the Forums and for now keep the meetings weekly every Tuesday.

As the previous chair had to leave the group, Sarina was elected as the new chair.


  • A redefined working plan and deliverables
  • Agreements on improving member participation
  • Redefinition of the scope, and participants assigned to specific tasks
  • A new elected chair for the Work Group

Next Steps

  • Issue a call for collaboration in both Forums to increase the collaboration.
  • Pursue better alignment between related activities.
  • Have the meeting next Tuesday and then agree a new meeting frequency and approach to deliver the work.
  • Start working in the deliverables agreed.


The Open Group Platinum Members