London 2016: Proceedings - Healthcare Forum

Healthcare Forum Members' Meetings

Objective of Meeting

  • Review of Forum accomplishments:
    • Work Paper 1 (Evaluation of the FHIM)
    • Work Paper 2 (Healthcare Interoperability)
  • Discussion of 2016 objectives in the following broad areas:
    • Interoperability - terminology and common logical information model and HL7 collaboration
    • Member-led projects
  • 2.0 update of Forum Vision, SMART Goals, and Strategies
  • Design preferences for Forum web landing page
  • Three presentations and subsequent Forum-focused discussion (part of ongoing Value Proposition design and governance work) among attendees during Open Meeting (Tuesday, April 26, 2-5:40)
  • Joint meeting with the Security Forum to explore collaboration (Wednesday, April 27, 4-5)


Review of Forum Accomplishments

It was agreed the Forum has progressively evolved in stages, from a focus on the person and mobile health, to putting a stake in the ground on the centrality of semantic interoperability in the current healthcare SDO world. A general approach to advancing the Common Logical Health Information Model (CLHIM) collaboration with HL7 International was agreed.

Member-led Projects

This work was productive. The Forum Chair (Philips) gave a presentation on the Digital Health Platform that demonstrated a value proposition for Forum work in this area for Capgemini and Sykehuspartners. This work project will be introduced to full Forum members in subsequent weekly Webex meetings. The opportunity to influence this work stream is open to all members of the Forum (and to collaboration Forum members).

2.0 Update of Forum Vision, SMART Goals, and Strategies

The Forum was led by Sykehuspartners to engage in brainstorming to develop new Vision, Goals, and Strategies statements.  This was an intensive process, discussed each day of the event. By Wednesday afternoon the results were gathered and will be summarized during the May 12 Forum call for discussion and subsequent consensus assessment.

Design Preferences for Forum Web Landing Page

Significant progress was made on the HCF web landing page by comparing and contrasting the designs of other Forums and deciding on content based in part on the Vision, Goals, and Strategies discussions.

Healthcare Presentations

There were rich and suggestive presentations from Philips and Tata Consulting. Philips' digital health platform presentation suggested a new work area, and the Tata Consulting presentation on using EA to design better system to reduce maternal mortality in India generated much interest and discussion. The value to the Forum of NHS involvement was voiced.

Joint Meeting with the Security Forum

The Security and Healthcare Forums conducted a joint meeting on Wednesday, April 27, from 4:00 to 5:00 pm. The purpose was to have an exploratory conversation in which we considered collaborative opportunities in response to member interest. Participants discussed the various ways security and safety apply to healthcare and where there may be overlapping interests and needs. In the end, the conversation focused on health data safety and security. Members from the two Forums agreed to work together over the coming weeks and to submit a Letter of Intent to each Forum no later than May 27, 2016. The LOI will serve as a discussion document for further examining a possible cross-Forum collaboration.   


  • Agreement on orientation of Forum’s contribution to CIMI/FHIM/HCF collaboration:


    • Possible facilitation role in bringing SDOs together to discuss creating and agreeing on a CLHIM.
    • Agreed on the need for Environmental Landscape of SDO-QM models useful for ubiquitous interoperability.
  • Three Forum members (at least) will set out to create a Digital Health Platform/Solutions (DHP) Work Group, building on Philips’ presentation. DHP/S builds out from the need for a common interoperability model to many, many other needs in the architecture. The Security Forum and/or OTTF may collaborate here.
  • Vision and Goals drafts for full Forum review on May 12.
  • 1.0 Version of web landing page ready for Forum and then Executive Review.
  • Agreements to reach out to potential NHS contacts.
  • Common ground identified. LOI due by May 27, 2016.
  • Discussion about EC interests in healthcare to prompt further research.

Next Steps

  • Continue to work with FHA and others at ONC and with HL7 contact to deliver quality product in time.
  • DHP/S LOI and work plan will be presented to the Forum on May 12 and following. Another day for weekly calls will be selected and work will commence.
  • The Vision statement, etc. will be completed and posted online. The value proposition may be on a project-by-project basis.
  • Maintain the web page.
  • Identify and pursue leads.
  • Evaluate LOI upon receipt.


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