London 2016: Proceedings - IoT Work Group

Internet of Things Work Group

Objective of Meeting

This was a meeting of the Internet of Things Work Group of the Open Platform 3.0 Forum. It included a meeting of the Advisory Board for the EU bIoTope project, in which The Open Group is a partner. Its objective was to progress the work of the Work Group and, in particular, to review and advise on progress in the bIoTope project.


bIoTope is a research and innovation action project funded by the EU Horizon 2020 program. It aims to define standardized open APIs to enable collaborating organizations to provide new useful smart-city services. It will develop proofs-of-concept in three different urban areas, Helsinki, Lyon, and Brussels, in order to engage local developer communities. It started early this year and is in its initial stages.

bIoTope will be based on the practical deployment of The Open Group standards for the Internet of Things, the Open Messaging Interface (O-MI) and the Open Data Format (O-DF).

The meeting discussed the need to catalog the APIs available in a given area and the approach to developing use-cases from which services can be identified. This activity is underway, and uses the ArchiMate® modeling language within an approach based on the TOGAF® standard. The Advisory Board gave positive feedback on the overall approach, and made some detailed comments and suggestions.

Following the session on bIoTope, the meeting discussed activities of the IoT Work Group within The Open Group.

It received a report on the Open Data Element Framework (O-DEF) draft standard that has been developed by the Semantic Interoperability Work Group and is in the final stages of approval as an Open Group standard.  The O-DEF provides for the classification of data elements, and is appropriate for use with the O-DF standard for Internet of Things data.

The IoT Work Group is producing an updated White Paper describing its vision and approach. The meeting discussed the development of further material, possibly in the form of a “snapshot” with example implementations, to promote its work.

The Open Group is considering submitting O-MI and O-DF to the International Standards Organization (ISO) to become international standards under ISO’s Publicly Available Specification (PAS) process. The meeting discussed some of the implications of this.

Finally, the meeting discussed the further development of the reference implementation of O-MI and O-DF, and the possibility of a variant of O-DF based on JSON rather than XML.


The detailed minutes are available to Forum members.

Next Steps

The bIoTope project will proceed to develop its use-cases, taking into account the input from the Advisory Board.

Work will continue on semantic modeling and the use of O-DEF with O-DF.

The updated White Paper will be published.

Further work will be done on the idea of a “snapshot” with example implementations.

The reference implementation of O-MI and O-DF will be further developed to a point where it can be published as a stable and fully-documented open source product.

Discussion of a variant of O-DF based on JSON rather than XML will continue.


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