London 2016: Proceedings - Open Platform 3.0 Forum Workshop

Open Platform 3.0™ Forum:
Workshop on Semantic Models for the Internet of Things

Objective of Meeting

The Internet of Things Work Group has published its O-MI and O-DF standards for exchange of data in the Internet of Things. They allow for semantic information to be associated with Internet of Things data, but do not prescribe how this should be done. Their use in practice will be explored by the EU bioTope project. The Semantic Interoperability Work Group has developed its draft O-DEF standard for data element metadata. This could be used to specify the representation of semantic information for Internet of Things data. The aim of the workshop was to investigate how this could be done for data exchanged in accordance with the O-MI and O-DF standards.


The meeting developed and discussed a possible O-DF structure for an air handling unit, with metadata specified using the O-DEF, and assuming use of a UNSPSC plug-in.


The example O-DEF structure and detailed minutes of the discussion will be available to Open Platform 3.0 Forum members.

Next Steps

Members of the Internet of Things and Semantic Interoperability Work Groups of the Open Platform 3.0 Forum will review the example O-DF structure that was developed by the meeting, make general comments on it, and also make specific comments and suggestions for improvement.

The example will be developed further in Semantic Interoperability and Internet of Things Work Group meetings.


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