London 2018: Proceedings - IT4IT Forum

IT4IT™ Forum: Business Architecture & IT Operating Model

Thursday, April 20, 9:00 – 2:30

Objective of Meeting

The objective of this session was to scope and define deliverables for a new IT4IT Forum initiative or epic around Business Architecture and IT Operating Model.


The session was led by the IT4IT Forum Co-Chair Mike Fulton of Nationwide. He provided a proposal for building guidance for the IT4IT Business Architecture Reference Architecture and an IT Operating Model and led a discussion where he asked participants to identify the elements that make up a Business Architecture and IT Operating Model, decide what already exists today and what is needed, and then get a list of deliverables that would be required to achieve the objective of providing an IT4IT Business Architecture and IT Operating Model.


The session participants agreed to stay aligned with the TOGAF® Standard, Version 9.2 in defining the elements of a Business Architecture. Participants also agreed to leverage the outline of an IT Operating Model that was defined in the recently published IT4IT Forum White Paper “Defining the IT Operating Model”. From these two starting points, the participants then defined what the IT4IT Forum already had delivered and what was still to be produced. Finally, they agreed to the first round level of detail that would be addressed by creating a list of deliverables to fill in the gaps so that the IT4IT Forum could deliver a Business Architecture and IT Operating Model.

Next Steps

The Work Group Chair will add the list of deliverables to the IT4IT Forum backlog. The participants who volunteered to own one or more of the deliverables on the list will begin work and will be managed under the IT4IT Forum Guidance standing work group.


The presentation used to lead this session is posted on the IT4IT Forum members' collaboration site (members only).

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