London 2018: Proceedings - IT4IT Forum

IT4IT™ Forum: Interoperability Work Group

Tuesday, April 17, 3:50 – 4:50

Objective of Meeting

The objective of this session was to provide an overview and update on the workings of IT4IT Forum Interoperability Work Group.


The session was led by the new Chair of the Interoperability Work Group Ben Noordzij of Fruition Partners. He provided an update on the progress in completing the first interoperability template for a use-case scenario Event-to-Incident in the Detect to Correct (D2C) value stream. He reported that work on this scenario has highlighted areas where this Work Group would now propose to the IT4IT Forum Standards standing work group that additional detail be added to Level 2 and 3 of the IT4IT Reference Architecture in support of better interoperability and later tool certification.


The session participants left with a better understanding of the approach this Work Group is taking to get the needed definition at Level 3 of the IT4IT Reference Architecture. Session participants expressed a concern that this Work Group must set a limited scope for what is “good enough” for the IT4IT Reference Architecture Level 3 detail or risk never finishing the work.

Next Steps

The Work Group Chair will return to the Work Group with a few suggestions and questions that the session participants provided, including how to limit the scope of the work to favor completion over an nth degree of detail.


The presentation used to lead this session is posted on the IT4IT Forum members' collaboration site (members only).

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