London 2018: Proceedings - Open Platform 3.0 Forum

Open Platform 3.0™ Forum

Wednesday, April 18, 9:00 – 17:00

Objective of Meeting

This meeting had two main objectives:

  1. To assess the state of the Forum, and to open the conversation as to the future state, shape, and name of the Forum ahead of a brand workshop that will be held at the upcoming Houston event
  2. To hold the bIoTope Project Board meeting, and to hear an update on the progress of the Project from Professor Kary Framling


Since January 2018, the Forum has acquired a new Chair and Director. As a Forum we are now taking the opportunity to take stock of all that has gone before, and to determine what our future should look like.

The existing Open Platform 3.0 website will soon be updated. To assess which material should be carried forward and which should change, an ArchiMate® model was prepared using the information in the current website ahead of the meeting and this formed the focal point of a detailed discussion.

bIoTope is a European project aimed at developing smart cities across Europe. From the start, the bIoTope Project has adopted our O-DF and O-MI standards and is using them for a variety of applications. The Open Platform 3.0 Forum acts as the advisory board for the bIoTope Project, and our member and representative to the bIoTope Project Professor Kary Framling presented a detailed update on recent developments.


The ArchiMate model was discussed with the result that:

  • We have identified several people who have previously contributed to projects in the Forum, and we will reach out to them to see if they would like to renew their relationship with us
  • We have also identified a number of companies which we believe have an interest in our subject areas, and so we shall work on a communication strategy to talk to them as well
  • Our Forum has evolved over the years, with the result that the existing Work Group structure was found to be misaligned with our future needs, and so we have started to explore the possibilities of regrouping in order to widen our remit beyond IoT and semantic interoperability, so as to better cover areas of interest including social media, mobile technologies, and artificial intelligence
  • The name of the Forum was also discussed, as we have had feedback from members and potential members suggesting that our current name is neither sufficiently identifiable with our subject area, nor immediately understandable

The bIoTope update showed that:

  • Both the O-DF and O-MI standards, which were adopted by the bIoTope Project, are being used to great effect, particularly in a battery charging system for electric vehicles being headed by BMW
  • The work of bIoTope is very impressive, and we need to let the world know about it

Next Steps

  • We will be working to update the Forum website to reflect our current state and messaging, and use this to communicate with past and future members of the Forum
  • Both the name of the Forum and the proposed new structure will be discussed further at the Houston event during a brand workshop at which we will refine the identity of Forum
  • We have gained an overview of the publications we have made to date and have determined that we would like, in the near future, to develop the O-DEF™ Standard and its Snapshots into one complete standard and also to progress both O-DF and O-MI to Version 2.0 in order to reflect progress made through the bIoTope Project
  • The O-DEF standard was published after the bIoTope Project had selected its standards; we will work with Kary and the project team to find opportunities to adopt O-DEF within bIoTope, and so find ways to improve it through direct application
  • New marketing materials have been prepared for the project and we will share these through our LinkedIn Community of Interest, which we encourage you to join


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