London 2018: Proceedings - Open Platform 3.0 Forum

Open Session: Workshop on Practical Applications of the O-DEF™ Standard

Thursday, April 19, 9:00 – 12:30

Objective of Meeting

The objective of the session was to share the O-DEF Standard with industry experts, and to ascertain their requirements and insights so that we can ensure the standard evolves to meet their needs.


We were joined by special guest Carl Chilley. As the Head of the EA and Governance Group at Maersk, Carl is interested in the challenge of creating standards that could be practically implemented. Jean Baptiste Sarrodie, who works for Accenture, and is Chair of the ArchiMate® Forum also joined us in the workshop.

Carl provided insights into the way that Maersk, the largest shipping and logistics company in the world, uses standards to assist the data flows necessary to track shipping containers and their contents around the world. Ron Schuldt, our member and the lead author of the O-DEF Standard, then delivered a presentation on the O-DEF Standard and the way that it could be used, before opening the discussion to those present.


In the discussion we learned about the various requirements and constraints put upon logistics companies, and the ways in which we can shape the O-DEF Standard to better meet the needs of this and other industries. We also explored a potential linkage between the O-DEF and ArchiMate Standards; a radical idea which may ultimately lead to the development of executable capability maps.

This was a very useful meeting; having Carl there to provide unique industry insight has propelled the development of the O-DEF Standard into areas that had not previously occurred to the development team, and we hope that he and other experts will be able to join us in the future.

Next Steps

Both Carl and Jean Baptiste will take the presentation slides away to consider further and share with their own teams.

We will be exploring the ideas that have arisen as a result of the discussion, and we will use them to develop the O-DEF Standard into a useful, practical standard that we hope will be widely adopted by industry.


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