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  • Enterprise Architect, IT4IT & Mergers & Acquisitions, Sandvik IT

    Q: How long have you been involved with The Open Group?

    I started my involvement with The Open Group with my previous employer AstraZeneca...I think back in 2009, when a number of colleagues and I became TOGAF® certified. I joined Sandvik in 2011 and have been spreading the word in our organization about The Open Group since then...1st about TOGAF and the last years about IT4IT.  Sandvik joined as a member of The Open Group just a few months ago.

    Q. What do you do, and how long have you been doing it? 

    I have an EA responsibility in 2 areas: The business of Internal IT (or IT4IT if you will) and IT in M&A's.  Both roles has kind of grown on me since I joined Sandvik in 2011, and now this is 2x100% of my time...yea I know.

    Q: Why did your organization become a member and what does your involvement look like?  What forum did your organization join? 

    IT4IT is the driver, hence also the forum we joined. Currently my engagement is about learning and "stealing with pride". In the long run, I hope also Sandvik can contribute with our learnings from utilizing the IT4IT standard and also give something back to the community.

    Q: How has membership in The Open Group benefited you, your organization and the industry at large?

    So far a bit early to say, but I have for sure learned a lot from the first event we attended in London this past April.

    Q: What contributions do you hope to bring to The Open Group?

    Probably the first thing will be around learnings/practice from applying IT4IT in our organization.

    Q: Why is it important for other organizations to join The Open Group?

    It is a very efficient way of getting access to both a network of highly competent and skilled peers, but also reference material, and if you have the interest, to actually influence best practice and standards in the future.

    Q: What are your hobbies?

    I've always been into motorsports, currently this involves a Lotus Elise and trackdays whenever I get the opportunity. Other than that, it's all about the family, travel and improving the house.

    Q: What book are you currently reading?

    Obviously: IT4IT Foundation Study Guide 

    Q.  What social networks do you belong to?

    The usual suspects for gentleman in my age: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram...activity goes in waves you could say.

    Q: Any last thoughts?

    I am really looking forward to broadening my network within the community and learn from others.

    Mikael Schollin has a long experience in the IT business, initially in the infrastructure and hardware area as a specialist, but has over time moved into a variety of architecture and leadership roles. Mikael has most of all experience from the pharmaceutical, engineering, R&D and manufacturing business. He possesses an extensive experience from leadership roles as line manager; global and local, program and project manager as well as leading specialist and competence -networks. The latest years Mikael has been focusing on supporting business change initiatives in the M&A area (all footprint changes: Acquisitions, Divestments, Move, Build, Close, Joint venture), as well as doing Enterprise Architecture for the business of IT.


    May 2016