Peter Solari

Software Engineer, Kaman

Q: How long have you been involved with The Open Group?

Kamen just joined The FACE Consortium in October 2013.

Q. What do you do, and how long have you been doing it?

I am a design engineer (systems/hardware/software) involved with Memory Systems for military applications.

Q: Why did your organization become a member and what does your involvement look like?

We want to be involved with FACE interface standardization so we can design our future products with these requirements.

Q: What Consortium did your organization join?

FACE Consortium.

Q: How has membership in The Open Group benefited you, your organization and the industry at large?

Can’t tell yet. Just joined.

Q: What contributions do you hope to bring to The Open Group?

Some input to military avionics requirements.

Q: Why is it important for other organizations to join The Open Group?

So the organization can get input from the industry and move forward with standards that work.

Q: What are your hobbies?

Photography, amateur radio, woodworking, racquetball, and golf.

Q: What book are you currently reading?

None right now.

Q. What social networks do you belong to?

Facebook, LinkedIn

About Peter Solari

Peter is an experienced design engineer with disciplines in digital, analog and software design. His main focus for the last several years has been in embedded system design for Military FLASH Memory Systems and Fuzing systems. 

Peter's areas of expertise are:

  • FLASH Memory
  • Embedded software (asm, c, c++)

  • Control Systems

  • Embedded Linux

  • FPGA design


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