Greg Hunt

Greg Hunt is an Architect in Fujitsu’s Business Applications practice.  He has been with Fujitsu since 2009, working in a range of senior architecture and consulting roles dealing with large scale system development, project methodologies, project trouble-shooting, mentoring and system performance.  His 30 years of experience spans business consulting, architecture, strategy and technology for business and government clients, on all major platforms, from mobile phones to mainframes, and languages (and development cultures) from assembler to Visual Basic and R. 

He is continually engaged across a range of projects and problem domains in both full-time and visiting capacities, leading or advising on architecture, technology and project issues including quality and performance, and participates in development of internal standards and technology approaches, focussing on the pragmatics of technology adoption and use. 

Job Title: 
Architect, Business Applications, Fujitsu Limited
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