Peter Haviland

Peter is the CTO, Strategy & Architecture, Australia Post.

He was previously Managing Director, Head of Engineering & Architecture at Moody’s. 

He has recently stepped down as the Supplier Member Representative on the Governing Board, where he represented the interests of the supplier members of The Open Group on topics such as the Open Standard for Business Architecture, the strategy to drive greater conference participation, the supplier contact portal, and the interface between standards organizations. As of July 2016, Peter is now Customer Member Representative on The Open Group Governing Board. He is actively involved in the development of the next version of TOGAF, as well as the publication of several whitepapers. He was a key contributor to TOGAF 9 and is an Open CA Distinguished Chief Architect within The Open Group Open CA scheme; as such he regularly speaks at industry conferences on a range of related topics.

Peter is passionate about ensuring business and technology is designed as one, so that business innovation can be driven by technical innovation, and vice versa.  Not only should this create a more harmonious operating environment for all companies and promote boundaryless information flow; it will also reduce the amount of redundant hardware in existence and provide more environmentally sustainable infrastructure. This requires standards and approaches that meld business and IT, which is where The Open Group plays a pivotal role. These are the motivations for Peter’s continued involvement in The Open Group.

Job Title: 
CTO, Strategy & Architecture, Australia Post
The Open Group Platinum Members