What is an O-DEF Extension?


While we have defined a set of core objects and properties in the Open Data Element Framework (O-DEF), Version 1.0, these cover only the highest level object classes and properties. To tailor these to meet the needs of specific use cases, the O-DEF can be extended. For example, the 'Date' identifier is given the value '10' in O-DEF v1.0; but this is refined in the Date Property Core Index Extensions of the O-DEF™ to give a series of new identifiers, such as:


  • 10.1 Date.Birth: A date on which a person or animal was born.
  • 10.2 Date.Deceased: A date on which a person or animal died.
  • 10.3 Date.Marriage: A date on which a couple marries.
  • 10.4 Date.Effective: A date from which onward a condition applies.
  • 10.5 Date.Expiration: A date until which a condition applies.


Extensions are created and defined by the Semantic Interoperability Workgroup, within the Open Platform 3.0 Forum of The Open Group; to join the conversation, please see the How to Get Involved tab above.


To request extensions for inclusion in the O-DEF standard, please contact us.