How to Get Involved


The O-DEF Standard is developed by the Semantic Interoperability Work Group, which is part of The Open Group Open Platform 3.0 Forum. The Semantic Interoperability Work Group meets online every two weeks to develop the O-DEF standard and to create materials that enable it to be adopted and implemented.


Our recent discussions have centred on the following topics:


  • Defining and extending the core elements: We are establishing a core set of elements, each defined, as far as possible, to be cross-compatible with other standards in use across industry. For organizations who adopt O-DEF, this will simplify the development of interface software and contribute to improved management of data.

  • Identifying plugins: One of the great strengths of O-DEF is that it can incorporate existing standards, such as the United Nations standard UNSPSC. This provides an efficient route to widening the scope of the O-DEF standard, and also enables organizations that already use the plugged-in standards to adopt O-DEF with greater ease.

  • Developing use cases: We are working closely with subject matter experts in the shipping, logistics, aviation, and smart systems, and identifying use cases pertinent to these domains. A Guide to the O-DEF Standard is in development at this time, with an anticipated publication date in 2019.

  • Developing tools: We are making O-DEF an executable standard; moving it from a purely document-based standard, into an executable code. To this end, and as a demonstrator, we are developing a web application that we hope to host on this site, which will enable simple translation between English and O-DEF codes. As the standard continues to mature, we will be inviting tool vendors to create tools that will be able to support the standard in commerical use. 


To participate in the Semantic Interoperability Work Group, a person must be either:

  • A Platinum or Gold Member of The Open Group

  • A Silver Member of The Open Group, specifically for The Open Platform 3.0 Forum


The Open Group is a global consortium that enables the achievement of business objectives through technology standards. Our diverse membership of more than 625 organizations includes customers, systems and solutions suppliers, tool vendors, integrators, academics, and consultants across multiple industries.

Participation in The Open Group is generally through corporate memberships; all staff of member organizations are members of The Open Group. Please check the member list to see if your organization is already signed up.

It is also possible in certain circumstances to participate as an individual, either as an Academic, or as an Invited Expert of the Forum.


To explore membership options and to discuss opportunities for participation, please contact the Forum Director Dr Michelle Supper.