O-DEF Tools


Web App Demonstrator

From a technical perspective, O-DEF is a strong standard, based upon solid data principles. However, without tools to automate the conversion between natural language and O-DEF values, the standard is not as easy to execute as it might be. To demonstrate the O-DEF standard, we are developing a web application that will be able to convert between English and O-DEF values; this will be ready in early 2019, and we plan to extend this application to support other languages in the future.

Invitation to Tool Vendors

As we continue to develop the standard, we are starting to see the huge potential of O-DEF as a global semantic interoparabilty standard; our current use cases cover a wide range of domains, including the entire end-to-end shipping logistics chain, and IT systems integration. Other possible uses would include warehouse data management and supply chain management. All of these are strong commercial areas, with many potential customers, and hence there is a lot of scope for the sale of commercial tools to support O-DEF.
In many ways, O-DEF's proposition is similar to bar code technology: Bar codes are ubiquitous, and based on open standards, but they would not be useful without bar code readers and the software that supports them. Certainly, we envisage that wider adoption of the O-DEF standard will be driven through the use of tools that can automate the use of O-DEF.
We invite tool vendors who are interested in the O-DEF standard to contact us to discuss the opportunities that it presents.