The Open Group to Hold Upcoming Event in Denver

The Open Group, the vendor-neutral technology standards consortium, is hosting its upcoming event in Denver, Colorado, US, July 22 – 25, 2019The Open Group Denver 2019 will bring together vendors and end user organizations to discuss a range of topics focused around a central theme of Agile Architecture. The event will host attendees from throughout the globe, including decision-makers, Enterprise Architects, engineers, technologists, and end-users representing many businesses and governments.


Plenary presentations on Monday will focus on Digital Practitioners and Compatibility with Agile Principles, including talks on the new best practices and approaches based on Cloud, Agile, Lean, and DevOps that are overtaking older approaches that have historically been based on physical infrastructure, project management, process management, and functional specialization. On Tuesday, those attending will see plenary sessions on Agile and Enterprise Architecture, and learn how the two practices can be used together and leverage each other. 

On Wednesday, attendees from Member organizations will have the opportunity to attend a hands-on workshop for standards development using modern Agile tools. This Members-only session, Standards as Code, will contribute to a current project on The Open Group Gitlab server. The Open Group will also host an Artificial Intelligence (AI) training workshop, where attendees will gain an understanding of how to use IBM Watson to create visual recognition models and integrate those models into an application.


Key speakers at the event, taking place at the Four Seasons Hotel, include: 


  • Steve Nunn, President & CEO, The Open Group
  • David Lounsbury, Chief Technical Officer, The Open Group
  • Sonia Gonzalez, Forum Director, Architecture and ArchiMate® Forums, The Open Group
  • Christopher Armstrong, President and Chief Architect, Sparx Services North America
  • Carl Kinson, Chief Architect and Distinguished Architect, DXC Technology
  • John Stough, Chief Architecture Officer (CAO), JHNA
  • Jim Doss, Managing Director, IT Management & Governance LLC


Additional key topics of discussion include: 


  • Panel: Building a Body of Knowledge for Digital Practitioners – On Monday, this session will outline how The Open Group is developing comprehensive guidance for the digital and information technology professional in his or her professional contexts, in the form of the Digital Practitioner Body of Knowledge™
  • Interoperability Showcase – This session on Monday will feature interoperability between supplier prototypes and products based on O-PAS™ Standard
  • Risk Management Symposium – On Wednesday, this session will explore the use of the Open FAIR™ framework and methodology in effective Risk Management. Learn about new Open FAIR Institute in Denver
  • TOGAF® User Group – Also taking place on Wednesday, this user group will bring together key stakeholders to share best practices and learn about the TOGAF® Business Architecture Credential


Full details of the agenda and speakers at the event can be found here


Registration for The Open Group Denver event is open now and is available to Members and non-members. More information can be found here




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